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It has been a little quiet over the last couple of months, but I haven’t been idle! Here’s a quick overview of the things I’ve been up to lately.

In terms of composition work, things are going really well! The last couple of months have been all about expanding my foothold in the world of library music. I am currently writing for 3 new labels and have arrived at a point where I know I can start on the next album whenever I have finished one. This baseline of work is a great motivator and a great way to keep working on my craft.

The biggest project of the last months has been a new album for a major L.A. publisher: Sound Adventures. This labor of love has been a significant step in my composition and music production qualities. I spent the last weeks getting the mix to a higher level than before, and there are even some live woodwinds on the album, recorded by Chris Bleth

While the library music is a great way to keep a steady flow of work, I have now arrived at a position where I’ve met a few critical deadlines. I can now pull my attention to other things as well.

One of those other things is a renewed interest in orchestration. Orchestration is a subject I find fascinating, and I am quite good at it. However, I didn’t have the time to work on my skills for a while. I am now looking to improve my workflow between my music production and notation software and start orchestrating to find work in this area. I created a new, proper orchestral template in Cubase (music production software) and Dorico (notation software). I can now practice shifting between the two of them.

A first run-through of my new orchestral template. Is it… fireproof?

This renewed interest in orchestration went hand-in-hand with the fact that I started teaching it. A while ago, the founder of my sheet music publishing service, Sonolize, approached me that he knew someone who needed a review of an orchestral piece I’d written. After an initial Skype session where I went through his music with him, I started teaching him regularly. Everything I teach is based on my own orchestration studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the late, great Theo Verbey. We spend time on his own work, score study, and historical orchestration. It’s a lot of fun, and I learn a lot myself when preparing for these lessons. This has been going great, and I started work with my second student this week.
If you’re interested in orchestration lessons or would like to receive a quote and overview of the material, feel free to get in touch!

And finally, I was recently approached to write a new piece for the Oostertrio. For the upcoming NJO Muziekzomer, they asked a total of 5 composers, including me, to write 2 short pieces. They are all based on haikus representing one of the seasons. A fantastic project for a really unique combination of instruments (Clarinet, viola, and piano) which I’m very much looking forward to! Performances will be held at the festival, taking place from the 30th of July until the 15th of August 2021.

There you go, you’re all up-to-date with my latest endeavors! I’m in a really good place at the moment and feel full of energy to pursue my dreams and keep building my career. If there’s any way I can help you tell a story, drop me a message! I would love to meet up! At a safe distance, of course.

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