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Hi! My name is Tom.

I absolutely love stories. Let me help you tell yours with music.

New album coming soon!

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Light will soon be released on all major streaming platforms and is already available for licensing!

Recent Projects

Here’s a bunch of things I’ve been doing lately.


Original music for your project, either fully produced or for live performance.


From DAW to sheet music or the other way around. I’ll make your music come alive.


Having trouble making your parts or providing a full conductor score? I have your back.

Music Supervision

No need to worry about music at the last second anymore. I’ll take the search for suitable music out of your hands.


Lessons in composition and orchestration in one-on-one sessions, focussing on the move between DAW and the full score (in both directions).

Sonic Branding

Enforce your brand by providing it with a musical identity.

Every project requires a unique approach. I love to dive into the subject matter together to build and sculpt the sound of the score from the ground up.

Recent News

Latest news updates from the composition room.

New album out now!

During the first months of this crazy pandemic we’re going through, I was stranded at home with a…

New website!

It's that time of year again where a big project is finished and I have some time to…

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