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How do you tell a musical story in 20 seconds?

This question became relevant when Bluefield approached me a short while ago. To strengthen their branding, they were looking for a musical identity. A melody or short piece of music that would make sure that Bluefield would be recognized not only through images, but through sound as well. Music that supports the core values and bolsters Bluefield as a premium brand. “Hollywood with an edge” was our starting point. And I got to work from there.

Remco Koopman, Managing partner at Bluefield, wrote the following on our collaboration:

“How do you translate consultancy to music? I had been pondering on this question for a while when I met Tom Schipper. He’s done an amazing job listening to my story about the Bluefield approach and the impact we make at organizations. The result has vastly exceeded my expectations, the collaboration was very enjoyable and I can recommend anyone to work with this great musician! I’m looking forward to our next challenge.”

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