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Throughout my life, I’ve been fascinated by stories. A good story told at the right time can teach you something, motivate or inspire you and can connect people. Music can be a story in itself; a journey through different moments or emotions that can connect with the listener. But music could also be a supportive element in a bigger picture, where the music can enhance the story or add a counterpoint to it. The goal is always to make someone experience something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. My talent is making music, and I love to be able to use this to tell a story or to help tell one together.

Every project is unique and requires a unique musical approach. It’s of great importance to start constructing the sound of and the material of the music as early as possible, so it will fit the project perfectly. I love to have conversations with a director to find out together what the context is where the movie takes place. The themes, settings, storylines and character development, but also how this will be constructed in image and sound. Next up, we can look together for a musical sound and language that would fit all this. It’s no problem at all for me to adapt to what the film needs, since I love to dive into all the musical elements that could be of value for the project, and can make them completely my own.

Do you have a project, but no idea yet what to do with the music? Get in touch with me and together, we can find out what all the possibilities are!

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