Keep an Eye Filmscore award


The graduation festival kicked off today with quite the awesome surprise. My score for “The Library of Things” was awarded the first ever ‘Keep an Eye film score award’! Absolutely thrilled, surprised and thankful for this amazing honour.

From the jury rapport:

“The winning composer shows a large talent in composition, which he puts to use very effectively in a score that is clearly in service of the narration and drama of the film. Furthermore, the productional level of the score is high: he dared to fully orchestrate his composition and have it performed by an orchestra. This shows flair and organizational abilities. (…) However, he has shown and let us hear that he is also capable to work and think in smaller details.”

Many many thanks to the judges, the Keep an Eye foundation, my teacher Jurre, my classmates and of course the full crew of The Library of Things for having the faith in me and for making a truly gorgeous film.

Come to see it in Block D!

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