Hi, I’m Tom!

I love to write music for films. Why? Because all my life I’ve been a huge fanatic for telling stories in all its forms. A story is a way to connect to people in a way that goes beyond any boundaries we might put between ourselves. However, since I’m not the most eloquent guy (even though the use of the word ‘eloquent’ might suggest otherwise), I’ve chosen to tell my stories in music. Being able to contribute to an experience where a certain someone has been moved by a story told in film, been touched by a piece of music which was just what he or she needed at that moment or has grown by learning something new from it is the most beautiful thing in the world. And even if it’s only this one person who has been touched, all the effort has been worth it.

A particular style I love is that of the animated film. In animation, you start with absolutely nothing. Just an idea. “What if rats could cook?” An idea for which you can construct your own world, style (2D, 3D, stop-motion and all its variations) and rules that exist within this world, in order to tell your story. Everything you see has been carefully placed there and exists in that place for a reason, and contributes to the story that’s being told. When the world you’ve created interacts with the story you’re telling, the two complement each other and something magical happens. And I want to be a part of that magic.

The notion of building up your world is something I try to incorporate in my projects as well. Each project is unique and requires its own musical world. Using all kinds of acoustic and electronic elements to give the project is own unique voice is something I find fascinating and could spend hours talking about.

I’m documenting my journey as a starting film composer on my social channels, where I give daily views into my composing habits, workflow and the ways in which I am working my way to making film music composition my full time job. Every career has its own path, and I want to share mine with whoever is interested.

Breaking into film music sure is a hard thing, but boy, am I going to give it my stinking best (as we Dutchies would say).