New year, new pieces


With the holidays approaching their inevitable end, I’m getting an overview what the next year will look like. Being the 4th year of my Bachelor, this will be the year where I’ll have to extend my horizon even further, as was the commentary on my final exam last year. After the composition workshops I gave in the past summer, with one more to go this saturday, I can now focus again on my compositions and arranging works. The next year will, at least, have the following works:

– A 4-minute work for Symphony Orchestra, to be performed in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ.
– A 15-minute work for Fanfare Orchestra, to be performed in Zutphen in late 2016.
– A 10-minute work for clarinet and string quartet, to be performed on the 10th of April in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, for the Dutch clarinet festival.

Furthermore, I’m writing an orchestral arrangement in September and October, and I’m planning my first virtual orchestration album! 3 tracks are already (almost) finished, and I hope to be able to present a full album in May 2016! All exciting stuff! And one important choice is there to be made: which master to choose. Film music or classical composition? I might be busy for a while..

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