Love’s Variety – On the diversities in a universal notion

Love’s Variety – On the diversities in a universal notion (2012)

For wind ensemble
Written for the Dutch Wind Ensemble, for the occasion of the contest “Op weg naar het Nieuwjaarsconcert 2013”.
One of the 4 winners of the contest “Op weg naar het nieuwjaarsconcert 2013” as well as the “Young talent prize”.

2012 marked my 4th participation in the composition contest for young composers of the Dutch Wind Ensemble “Op weg naar het nieuwjaarsconcert”. My first 3 participations got me very close the prestigious New Year’s concert in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and this year I finally made it. Playing your own piece with extremely good musicians in the most beautiful concert hall in the world is an absolutely mind-blowing experience, which I’ll never forget.

“Love’s variety – On the diversities in a universal notions” tells about the many different aspects of love, such as friendship, affection, charity and much, much more. While love knows all these kinds of different nuances, the overall idea of “Love” has it’s universal meaning in the lives of everybody, both in the good sense, but in some times in the downsides as well. In this piece, I embrace all these different aspects of love and place them in a universal setting to create a coherent structure inspired by a very diverse concept.

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