Dystopia (2013)

For 8 trombones (2 alto, 4 tenor, 2 bass)

Written for the New Trombone Collective, for the occasion of the “Slide factory composition contest”
Won both the jury prize and the audience prize.

After I had made it to the New Year’s concert with my piece “Love’s Variety”, I had the urge to prove my skills; to keep the high level I had in my last composition and to show this to the world and myself. This is where I decided to participate in a couple of contests. The Slide factory international composition contest seemed the perfect occasion for me, and I felt the combination of 8 trombones was a perfect ensemble to express some of my musical ideas. 
I enrolled in the contest and was very delighted when I received the e-mail that my piece was selected as one of the 5 finalists and would be published by the New trombone collective and performed in the Doelen in Rotterdam in the final’s concert. The concert was held on the 29th of March 2013, and the New trombone collective performed all 5 of the finalist’s pieces. After the break, it became clear I had won both prices, the prize awarded by the professional jury and the audience prize.
We live in a world where people get busier and busier each and every day. We rush from one place to the next in order to fulfill the expectations of an ever-growing pile of appointments. At the same time, the introduction of so-called “smart” phones initiated a vast grow of social contacts. Well, this is what we like to believe. The fact is that we are now so attached to our phones in order to stay in touch with people that we turn our attention away from the people we’re actually with to make appointments with others in order to hook up again. Such a shame though that we repeat this progress during the following meeting with the person you just wanted to hook up with..
“Dystopia” is an observation on these aspects of society, where our lives get busier and more asocial, and we keep doing this each and every single day, as if we were looping the same day over and over again..

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