Aviary (2012)

For wind band and wind quintet
Commissioned by OBK Bennekom and the Gelders Blaaskwintet, for the HRFSTWND series.
First performance on the 24th of November in the Junushoff, Wageningen.

In may 2012, I was asked by Ghislain Bellefroid, conductor of OBK Bennekom, to write a piece for the upcoming HRFSTWND concert with het Gelders Blaaskwintet, because there wasn’t a lot of music written for concert band and wind quintet. I took the challenge, and in august 2012, the piece was finished and rehearsals started.

“Aviary” resembles a large birdcage, in which all kinds of birds appear and disappear again, flocks of birds emerge and there is a constant buzzing of the wind, flora and other fauna. The quintet isn’t treated as a group, but as 5 separate soloists, who soar above an unclear soundscape provided by the orchestra. At some points, the orchestra overpowers the soloists and resembles a giant group of birds, suddenly emerging from the bushes.

Press quote (EN): “In the end, the audience and musicians were very much impressed by the world premiere of ‘Aviary’. This piece is composed especially for the orchestra and quintet by Tom Schipper, a very young and talented member of OBK”.

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